September 7, 2013

Upon return

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We did a few other fun things whilst in Austria, such as visit Bratislava. Only 40 km from Vienna, it’s a cheap day return away. Divided in two between the Danube, we spent the day in the beautifully restored old city. Here are some typical facades.




Unfortunately, not even a step beyond the old city perimeter, the aftereffects of the eastern block can still be seen. It reminded us a lot of the Czech Republic when we visited prior to its accession into the EU. Still, it was cheap and pretty and good to see regeneration thanks to its European citizenship.

I think one of the best aspects of visiting a new, big city is getting to visit its museums and Vienna did not disappoint. We spent happy hours in the Albertina, perusing its spectacular collection. It has the special combination of an extraordinary collection set in a sumptuous building. Even if you didn’t like art, the building alone is worth visiting. We saw Monet, Picasso, as well as the famous drawings by Albrecht Durer, among many others.  I’d seen some of these elsewhere on loan so it was nice to see them all together. Fabulous stuff. We also visited ‘MUMOK’ for contemporary art. I wasn’t too keen as the descriptions sounded pretentious; it proved, however, to be curious and well curated. These people clearly know what they’re doing. I was pleased to see a few works by Paul Klee. I don’t know why but I like his style.

So, back home and back to usual things. Insanity struck in what was probably our last warm day of the year and I started a sun dress. ..


It’s nearly finished! What’s wrong with me? I am bundled up in woollens today. So, just as well I started a pair of socks…


The wool is super-soft Katia ‘darling’. Super entertainment! Whilst in Vienna,  I had a little spare time to visit the wonderful ‘wollmeile’ which was a short walk from our hotel! I picked up some delicious wool – 60/40, baby alpaca/merino.


I have a few recitals before I go back to work the week after next… and I’m very happy to be able to say that all of my students are returning to my class this year.


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