FO: Flowery blouse

I have been having a bad run of it recently where each neckline I have sewn has fought me every step of the way. This was no exception: a blouse I have made countless times but the collar stand refused to adapt. Sometimes these things take a very stern talking to.

Apologies, my skirt is a little twisted in each of these photos. The pattern for the blouse is the same that I used here. It provides an alternate view that has roughly the same shape but without the princess seams.

I think it is a good match for the print (which you can see close up here). What I like particularly about the print is that the flowers are red and teal on a crisp white background so really, I can wear it with a whole lot of different things.

I got the fabric from Fabric HQ. It’s not the first time I’ve ordered from them and I highly recommend their service. I ordered this print along with the white fabric I used for my skirt. They emailed to say that they’re not the same colour white, sent photos to compare, and asked if I wanted to reconsider. I didn’t, but it was great that they considered that I might want to match them.

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