Check out my addis that came in the post today!

Well, they’re in use at the moment… I have officially kicked off the Granny Smith cardigan in acid green KSH! It involved a provisional, or invisible, cast on. This is the same cast on supposed to be used for the Kiri shawl I made, but instead of learning how to do it properly, I fudged it and got away with it 😛 However, for 106 stitches, I figured this wouldn’t be possible, so I went to the incomparable Knitting Help, watched the video and managed to get it right first time. This is what it looked like.

If you look carefully, you will see how there is a row of K2tog, yo, in the middle. This is the hem of the back. You knit 7 rows st st, then do the row of k2tog, yo, and then 7 more rows st st. You double it up together using a three-needle bind-off and then keep knitting the proper body. The row of k2tog, yo makes a really pretty edging all along the hem. You can see it best in this picture…

…and the pattern emerging here in this picture….

I started knitting the body on my 3.5mm Clover straights that I got in Yarn the weekend before last. I wish I enjoyed knitting on straights more!!! They are such gorgeous, light-weight needles, perfect for working with mohair, but I find straights really unwieldy and dangerous for sitting on (spoken by an experienced needle-sitter-upon). Oh well. They’re good to have in a pinch.

And the addis? Wonderful! I can’t wait to pick up some more (like a few pairs of 2.5mm ones for socks!) in Germany. I got this pair from This is Knit, whose new online shop opened yesterday! Horray! Well done, girls!

As requested… here is an action shot of Salina. I am on my own in the house these days so this was a dodgy tripod shot!

I’m planning on heading down to Galway to soak up the Festival atmosphere tomorrow night, and the certain-to-be fantastic Macnas parade. Photos to follow! I’m also planning on picking up some Opal sock yarn in Yarn to knit those flip-flop socks I was on about 😀

Thank God for the weekend. There are only so many Widows Pension forms I can process….

4 thoughts on “addi-iction

  1. I LOVE my Addi’s…I use them for everything! Have fun this weekend…I can’t wait to see the pictures!

  2. I like Addis for making socks on Magic Loop the most. I get mine from STYK, an Australian online store. So far, she’s got the lowest prices I’ve seen on the planet.

  3. OK if there were anything at all that you would like from Seattle, WA USA (within reason of course) what would it be? You still need a last SP7 gift!

  4. I could send you the addi needles, if you like, but if you come to Germany anyway then feel free to visit me, I live near Berlin, where I wilö go yarn ´n needle shopping tomorrow. Just eMail me, if you like. Strange enough most knitting – gadgets and crafting producer companies are German (Prym, Gütermann, Inox).

    Many greetings

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