July 18, 2006


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Just my luck – I finished Salina in the middle of a heat wave. (heat wave = 25 degrees :P)

Can I tell how much I love this jumper?! The fit is just fantastic. I am really happy with how the sleeves turned out too – they are just the right length on me. This is the first jumper I have ever knitted where I definitely want to make another one! Check out the buttons I got…

The suit it pretty well, I think.

In other knitting news, I am plugging away at that bloody KWC project, Bliss. I am knitting my first sleeve at the moment. It looks terribly wide… but the shaping for the sleeve cap seems fine. I’m very wary, I have to say. I will be so glad to be finished this attrocity. Between running out of wool and my new wool being a totally different colour (lol), I am still going to finish it and wear the bloody thing.

In otherother knitting news, I purchased my first pair of Addi Turbos from This is Knit yesterday – 3.5mm 100cm circulars for knitting my Granny Smith cardie. I know I got straights for it but I’m just not a fan of straights. Mostly because I end up sitting on them and hurting myself and breaking the needle. You can bundle up circulars into your bag and it doesn’t matter who sits on it. So, they were posted out yesterday and I am excited about getting them. To me, it will be the green light for the green cardie πŸ˜€

Had my first rehearsal with the Early Music Ensemble yesterday evening, which was very pleasant. Planning on heading to Galway for the Macnas Parade next weekend. Hopefully the sun will keep with us!

You know what I need? A pair of these. I love wearing sandals but my feet get really cold in our office. (This is purely a Neels phenomenon – I am the only person in our office wearing a zippyuppy top). I am quite fascinated with the concept of buttons on socks, too! Maybe I will knit a pair and put my music note buttons on them πŸ˜€

Now, I think it’s time for a Cornetto down by the river and a bit of knitting before… *groan* more widows’ pension forms.



  1. Have you seen these wonderful piano key socks? http://magknits.com/July06/bakerloo.htm

    Great Ben Bulben photos!

    Comment by Lindy — July 18, 2006 @ 14:41

  2. Strange, the URL did not paste. Well here it is:

    Scroll down for the piano keys!

    Comment by Lindy — July 18, 2006 @ 14:45

  3. I think the whole hemisphere is having a heat wave. The US has 90+ temps, and I read the blog of a girl in Austria – she says it went up to 102 the other day (pretty sure that’s between 30 and 35 C).

    Yesterday I started reading my daily blogs, and 5 of them in a row started out talking about the heat!

    Ah, but that’s a lovely sweater. I need to make some sweaters and socks for Canadian winters. πŸ™‚

    Comment by sarkasmo — July 18, 2006 @ 15:11

  4. Beautiful Salina! Great idea for the music note buttons…I knew you would come up with something! You may have to convert this to from F to C but here the combined factoring in the humidity and temperature it’s 105 degrees! Hot-Hot-Hot! No cold toes here!

    Comment by Secret Pal — July 18, 2006 @ 15:41

  5. Gorgeous Salina! I’ve always loved your colour choice, and those buttons go really well with it. Do we get an action shot?

    Comment by Bryony — July 18, 2006 @ 17:05

  6. Salina is perfect! Good job! the buttons are a great match.
    I have another great sock pattern, I can mail it to you if you want, it’s more of a regular pattern and more basic than the ones on knitty. I plan to knit them soon, very soon, to wear with my silver Birkenstock thongs, very cool I say! πŸ˜‰ http://www.interweave.com/subonlycontent/loginIK.asp

    Comment by saskia — August 12, 2006 @ 15:28

  7. I think I’ve read something simillar a few days ago. I don’t remember where, might have been on digg.com or slashdot-Veronique

    Comment by Veronique — November 25, 2008 @ 11:52

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