Simply dotty

I found this lovely dotty fabric in The Cloth Shop about two months ago and knew exactly what I wanted to make from it.

The pattern is from an old Burda magazine, #119 from 12/2012 I think. This is a very simple sort of top but works well for busy fabric. I’ve made it before with the original slit at the back of the neck but for this, I made some bias tape and used it to make the tie.

The fabric was an experience – it was an incredibly slippery polyester that does not press well. So! Making bias tape wasn’t exactly fun, nor was trying to sew down precision seams like for the binding, the tie or the cuffs. I resorted to a lot of hand sewing which gave me the result I was after. I am terribly fond of this top and love how it goes well with light-coloured bottoms.

I don’t think I’ll be buying more polyester like this any time soon; it was €19/m. For that price, I could have bought silk, which leads me to add my murmurs to the others I have heard regarding the price range of this shop. Also, whilst friendly, the service can be a little strange. It can take a while to get served and getting fabric cut can be a lengthy procedure. I understand that they want to take their time to cut it properly but for a basic cotton, I’m ok with ripping it on the grain! I used to buy tracing paper there but it would take them so long to cut it and fold it gingerly (when I was going to have to fold it up very small and stuff it in my handbag anyway…), and with frequent sighs, that I have given up buying it there. Often I only have a few minutes to dash in and I know that at least in Murphy Sheehy’s, I’ll be served quickly. This has just been my experience and obviously, if you prefer a more leisurely experience, this type of service is preferable.

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