All woolled out

Yes! Who would’ve thunk it? I am all woolled out. Well, not for long. I have abandoned all hope for completing my Knitting World Cup project on time. This is mostly because I have started knitting on Salina again, and I must say that I do enjoy having more than one project on the go. Ever since I completed my Jaywalkers I’ve been feeling a bit needy 🙂 But Bah because it’s been so long since I knitted the first sleeve for Salina that I couldn’t remember what I did when I came to knit the second! I even forgot that I was using a larger needle for the main portion (ie I used 3.25mm for cuffs and 4mm for the body). I couldn’t remember what size needle I used for the body. I assumed 3.75mm, like the pattern suggests, so I picked up an 80cm circular needle while I was in town – I am down in Galway atm – but after knitting about two increase repeats (20 rows), I realised that I was wrong. Quick search through the blog and yes, I actually used 4mm. Oh well. Interestingly, even though the width was the same (I have the completed sleeve with me), the stitches were denser and the row gauge was much smaller.

So I will have to work on Bliss whether I like it or not! I still like the pattern, but working in dark navy wool isn’t much fun. To cheer myself up about it, I got myself some shiney mother-of-pearl-like buttons for it today. I also got some wooden buttons for Salina, I hope they suit. On my travels I picked up a box of ‘craft pins’, but to me they are blocking pins. I still have to block out my Kiri shawl, which I have started wearing of late since the weather is so hormonal. Apart from the pins, I got some 3.5mm straights so I can at least make a start on my Granny Smith cardigan until I get my hands on some Addi Turbos. I’m not even that crazy about the pattern. It’s just that blinking acid green mohair. It’s haunting my dreams, I swear. But at least the straights are bamboo, so it’s not all bad. I hope the tips are pointy enough.

Tonight, I went to see ‘The Wind That Shakes The Barley’. What a long, intense movie! I suppose I enjoyed it, although some scenes I could definitely have lived without. What I most liked about it was how it successfully portrayed the confusion of and division between the Irish themselves. It’s one of those circular arguments. Should the treaty have been accepted? Doing so meant eventual independence, even though it sacrificed Northern Ireland. Not doing so would probably have lead to the same thing in the end, only with many more killed. And considering Northern Ireland, I don’t think ‘getting it back’ would have been as simple as the English saying, ok, have it back. Anyway, I don’t know much about politics, nor do they interest me greatly, and thankfully, knitting has nothing to do with any of it. They should introduce knitting as part of the peace process.

Horray for knitting! (Sorry no pics yet… but there will probably be some tomorrow, we’re going to Coole Park!)

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