Ils sont arrivés!

My Phildar order came today while I was at work. The joy of having a postman who’ll sign for you and throw it inside the sliding door! Despite my email to Phildar regarding my address, they still mixed it up. It got here though. My dad got a postcard addressed, “Brian and Nuala, Tubbercurry”, and he still got it. Anyway, my Aviso came to finish Bliss, and on top of that I got two balls of their cheap cotton, Licorne, and a cheap pattern book too. I really like the cotton. It reminds me very much of Rowan’s 4-ply, although I doubt there is the same meterage that you’d get in a Rowan ball. However, it is cheap and the colours are great. Have you spotted my obsession with petrol blue yet?!

I didn’t bother taking another picture of the Aviso because it looks far, far better knitted up 😀 The pattern book is Tendances, Winter 2005-6. I like that on the Phildar site, you can look through every page of every catalogue they have. So, before I ordered this, I knew there were three jumpers that I would like to knit out of it. Here’s the first one. You can’t beat a good polo neck.

I love the colours and the garter ripply effect. I think a blue or red colour scheme would look really good in this.

And lastly, this reminds me of a sweater a friend of mine had in college and at the time, I couldn’t figure out how it was knitted. In hindsight, it was pretty obvious! Oh well.

It’s Germany vs Italy tonight so there will be much knitting and general missing of important bits. Hopefully I will get out of all that boring ribbing and into the much more entertaining lace pattern of the back.

In other news, I have been hunting down some Addi 3.5mm 100cm needles to knit my Granny Smith cardie. I emailed both Yarn and This is Knit today and was greeted with prompt replies when I got home. The result? Both have them on order. I could go ahead and order them from somewhere else (like ebay or something) but there will be the same delay, and they will be more expensive! Plus, I would prefer to support my LYSes. So I think I will be putting the Granny Smith on hold until I get the right size needles. The good news is that my dad will be fetching my Salina pattern and I should have it on Thursday so I will be able to finish it off after the KWC. Woo!

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