Old truths

Whilst on holiday, I started reading a book that Alb was reading called The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. It’s about procrastination (particularly in creatives but it applies to everyone I think) and overcoming it. It is a little gimmicky and drawn out but the essence comes down to old truths. It didn’t teach me anything I didn’t already know but it is nice to know that my kind of procrastination is nothing new. Unfortunately, the book dwells a lot on defining one’s enemy (usually yourself) and not a lot on overcoming that. Thankfully, I wasn’t really reading it for that reason; more out of curiosity. I have quite the larder of experience when it comes to tricking myself into doing something.

Anyway, it provoked me to consider why I was feeling a bit worn out and not like I was accomplishing anything. Inevitably such thoughts lead to making a long, long list of all the tiny things I have been putting off – little pebbles adding up to very large stones in my pockets. Since our return, I have been busy. Setting up roaming on my phone, organising the many facets of opening an Etsy shop, ordering little bits and pieces I kept remembering but not tracking down, cleaning, purging, sorting – the spring clean we all need at least twice a year.

My little reward today was flowers. I do love flowers. I’m too much of a sometimes gardener to grow my own and anyway, I like being able to choose my fancy at the florist.

Pictured also are pattern pieces for a pair of pants. There is a ridiculous story to go with these so I’ll save it when I have something material to show. The photo below shows the skirt I’ve been working on.

I cut it out before we went away but didn’t get around to it. It came together very quickly even with obsessive line-matching. Only the lining to hem and then it’s done. And I’ve been using up my leftovers from the cotton doilies. Somehow cotton doesn’t seem quite right in my hands with the temperature outside hovering below 5C. I’ve been working far more on my pink sweater since getting back and have already completed the body and started a sleeve. It fits great.

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