TGIK! Thank God I Knit!

Horray! It is Friday and I made it to the end of the week intact. Today I got my last two day’s files back without any errors and got lots more done today. I am glad I caught on quickly because at the moment there is just me and Trish, my trainer, doing the work of about five people in Registry. Other people are on leave, so I am dealing with their remaining work. I got through it all today, but it involved going through three sets of files sticking on labels and sorting through masses and masses of print outs. All the time I was thinking about this….

…and this….

I have finally cracked the Right Front of Bliss. Boy. I ripped it out about five times because it just wasn’t right. I love it when I get it right though. Doesn’t it look pretty? I have just that ball of wool there in the picture attached to the RF left so my goal is to finish the RF completely over the weekend so I can go ZOOOOMMM on the back and sleeves when my wool (hopefully) arrives on Monday. I have got nine days! Two of those are the weekend! No post on the weekend stinks – but it does give you a reason to look forward to Monday.

I can’t believe my progress on my Jaywalker. I took so long to knit the first one I thought the initiation, never mind the completion, of the second one would never occur! But the digital summit is in sight! I hope to get these finished at the weekend too.

Tomorrow I am going to visit the Craft Basket below Sligo tomorrow. Good Lord, they have a website. I am hoping that this place will be good because once I get going with my driving, I would like to go there after work sometimes. Just for something to look forward to. I am really suffering withdrawal from not having decent access to knitting blogs and knitterature. I left all my mags and books in Dublin. There is no net access in work and our connection at home is very slow, so I go to an internet café after work. It is e1 for just 20 minutes so it’s not very good value for money!

Thank you one and all for your kind comments about my Airshow pictures! It was very difficult to show just how low they flew and how close they came to one another. I think the one of the rescue helicopter with the guy dangling out of it over the crowd shows how low some craft came. It was so much fun and totally worth getting burnt alive for.

PS: I went into a little bookshop today down by the river to see about ordering in Mason-Dixon Knitting. I asked the guy if he could order it in. I said, I don’t know the authors or the ISBN, but it’s called Mason-Dixon Knitting. He goes, oh yeah…. *taptaptap*. What?! “Oh yeah”?! This means there is another net-savvy knitter out there in Sligo who came into him about ordering this book. I must find this person. However because it is hardback it is going to be e30 and I checked it out on Amazon – by the time I add shipping, it will end up being the same price. I might wait on this one until it comes out in paperback.

PPS: I was looking in another bookshop and I came across a really old book of Norwegian Knitting! It is seriously 60s, the photography was hilarious, but the designs were traditional and I think could be adapted to more suitable colours for today. It was only e5 but I had no money on me so I left it there. To be honest, I can’t imagine it will disappear soon. But it pleased me: this bookshop had the Stitch’n’Bitch book and a really nice baby design book by Zoe Meller (I think) for only e8 which I think I will get, with the Norwegian Knitting (too funny and useful to pass up on methinks), tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

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  1. I know what that’s like, working, but then only beeing able to think about your WIP’s at home… serious case of obsession, I’m tellin’ya! 😉

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