Easter top and greetings

Despite my best intentions to take lots of progress photos – and there has been progress! – it hasn’t happened. I wore my green dress and jacket last night but it was too dark for photos 🙁 I’m glad I made and brought them (along with my other Ikea flowery dress and accompanying linen jacket that I made last autumn) because this is a very dress-and-jacket place. Warm enough to not need tights or covered shoes but cool enough to warrant something on the shoulders.

Anyway! Since I don’t have photos if my green dress yet, I have photos of my Easter top. I made this in January in a fit of blah and ennui.


Pattern: Longer sleeved version of the Market top by Lisette. I have gotten such mileage out of that pattern; it lends itself to endless variations and is perfect for summer wear.

Fabric: some quilting cotton that caught my eye when browsing Fabric HQ, a neat little online shop in the UK. I used my parcel motel to avail of affordable postage. Their service was quick and given how I love their selection if prints, I will probably order again sometime.

Modifications: I made a few. Firstly, the sleeve is supposed to have a ruffled cuff. That is really nice if you live in a place where layers aren’t essential. Ruffles are impossible under a cardigan sleeve. So, I cut a straight cut and left a slit at the inner elbow. A bit makey-uppy but it works great.


I french seamed all the insides which I think is a good way to go with a quilting cotton. I also adjusted the neckline. I had sewed on the neck band as per the pattern but it came out very wrinkled. I tried steaming gently to no avail. I removed it and re-sewed it with the same result. By this stage I didn’t care for the neck band and so dug out my carefully stored leftovers and made a bias binding. I was hoping to leave it exposed on the edge but it gaped alot so I folded it in and sewed it down.


I also took out the gathers at the top if the sleeve cap and just used small pleats instead.

All in all, a nice little project and I’m happy with the result. The little birdies are so cute!

I wish you all a happy weekend, a happy Easter if you’re into that kind of thing and a happy hoping for spring.

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