Sticking to the plan

The green jacket was quite the disaster – the neckline was too wide, the armscyes too deep and narrow. Despite my best efforts, I could not salvage the pattern. So, I decided to cut my losses and start again. Luckily the shop where I got the cotton to begin with had a little bit left (1.2m) and it was plenty for a second version. I used the pattern for this blouse as the basis. I traced off the front panel and added my own lapel, using the dimensions from the other pattern. Then I traced off a facing for it. It wasn’t very difficult at all.

The angle of the photo doesn’t reflect the fact that the hem of the jacket is parallel with the bottom of the waistband. It doesn’t look it but it is. I swear!

I was in a shop last week and I saw a Ted Baker coat with running stitch on the collar. I thought it looked nice so I used the same for my lapels. It killed two birds with one stone because it keeps the two layers together and stops the bottom one rolling out. I used the same thing for the hems of the sleeves.

You see that I used a floral ribbon for the hems. This was partly to give a bit of life to the insides and also to help keep the shape of the hems.

The whole ensemble works really well together and I’m glad I persevered with the jacket! No modelled photos today because the weather is awful -the light is poor and it is too chilly to strip off! Hopefully at the weekend conditions will improve.

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  1. lsaspacey

    I went to the Salme website and they are no longer selling the jacket pattern. Weird, right? Hopefully, they are redrafting the pattern to re-release it.

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