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It feels like an eternity since I last posted, even though it’s not really. I started my job in the Pensions Office yesterday. I’m working in an office in town, in the registry for widow’s pensions (wops). Basically, I filter out essential information from all the forms coming in and write them down on a sheet and make up their file, which is then sent on to the relevant offices. Today was complicated because I had to ‘learn the system’, but I managed to get through three forms on my own before I went home, and I can see that it is going to be very tedious. It’s pretty much 9-5 and I had not anticipated being too tired to knit (or do anything else) in the evening. I hope that this will pass.

I have not been having much luck with Bliss. I ended up with far too few stitches about half way up the right front bit, and had to rip right back to the ribbing to rectify it. I only ripped it out yesterday, I have had no time to even think about reknitting it. Sigh 🙁

But in good news, Phildar has already shipped my wool that I ordered at the weekend. They would have shipped it yesterday, but I got an email saying, we don’t understand your address! Why don’t you have a house number or postcode! So I had to email them back and say, look, I live in the country, I know the postman and he knows me, if you put that address on it, I assure you it will get to me. I imagine they threw it in the post bag with a bonne chance and a sceptical look. But horray! Wool (and two sneaky balls of cotton I just couldn’t pass up on and another pattern book) is on its way!

The weekend was great! Check out my pictures from the airshow!


4 thoughts on “non-con wops

  1. hurray for the pictures and hurray for phildar (tried to launch the english site two days in a row, it didn’t work…)

  2. I think I am going to just send you another gift! ACK! I think you will be the last person from SP7 to get their last gift.

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