March 11, 2013

Snow day sun dress

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I have a real knack for sewing weather-inappropriate items and this is no exception! I opened the curtains today to full-on blizzard conditions. Of course, now the sun’s out and it’s all but melted. It’s still windy and bitter like only March can be. I think March’s speciality is hail, actually. You’re out enjoying a walk in the sun and fresh air when the next thing you know, you’re being pelted in the face with hailstones. Cessation is only guaranteed when you are thoroughly soaked and not a comment before.

All this to say that I finished my dress yesterday and it is wonderful and I cannot wait to wear it!


Here is the waistband and the pocket. No modelled photos until I finish the jacket as an added incentive to get it done!

No fear, though. I printed out the pattern and cut out my fabric last night. To my surprise, it is a very simple pattern, made even more so by not adding a lining.


This is one of the fronts, the angle is the lapel that will fold back. On I go!


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