Loot of the Day

First item of business was to get Trek’s yarn off to her. Down I went to Ryan’s – lo! behold my joy when I saw they had four balls of tweedy superwash all in the same dye lot. I also threw in two balls of Tivoli DK tweed, which was on sale dead cheap, to make up for the delay. I got a box and sellotape in Eason’s and off I went to the Postoffice and it is now winging its way to America. I guess all told, a gift certificate would have been cheaper, but it is alot more hassle for me to arrange. Also, she intends to knit her little girl, whom she home-schools, a new jumper for the winter, which is a pretty nice idea. I hope she’ll have enough in the four balls.

Que-ce que c’est? Encore de mohair? Mais oui!

I went on my merry way through the market (the smells! the crowds! the dirty carrots!) down to Yarn. I was getting hungry and had arranged to meet Alb at the Charcoal Grill for lunch so I couldn’t dally the way I usually do. Maybe this was better for my purse. I still managed to get these….

The ball of felted tweed I need and a ball of green! opal yarn. I am falling deeper and deeper in love with sock yarn. I think it started with that great ball of sock yarn my SP sent me. Then I got back into knitting my Jaywalkers… then I saw this ball. I think it will be perfect for knitting Bryony’s argyle sock pattern. Great. I can’t find a link to her site. It is a really cool pattern. I will link to it when I figure it out.

And then these! There was one lone ball in the basket of KSH but! there was more! Visions of the Granny Smith cardie floated in front of my eyes like stars.

I now feel like throwing Bliss out the window and starting this immediately. But no. Think of the great Knitting World Cup prizes I could win if I get it finished on time *grits teeth* life is tough sometimes lol… I oogled many other things, was very restrained passing by the Laine du Nord mohair, and was on time, if you can believe it, for lunch.

The rest of my shopping was pretty mundane: a german mag for my dad, a french mag for me, and Black and White Monthly. I put in my order with Phildar for more Aviso. I have heard good things about their shipping so hopefully there will not be too much of a delay and I can get cracking on it. I figured if I’m forking out for shipping, I might as well get a good pattern book too, since they’re so cheap. I got last winter’s Tendances as there are about five jumpers I want to make out of it. Could I possibly buy any more yarn in one day? I am fast reaching SABLE.

Best of all, the weekend isn’t even over yet. Tonight, I hope to run two laps around the race course (3 miles in all) and there’s the air show to look forward to tomorrow. I just realised I forgot to bring a polariser with me.

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  1. Oh, pretty pic of KSH.i’m beginning to understand why i’ve read about it being described as “Kid Crack Haze” – just looking at the pictures i want to squeeze it and knit something (anything!) with it.

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