FO: Silk blouse

Some sewing here and there and finally, this is done.


Pattern: It’s from Burda style magazine, 12/2012 I think. Style #119 I think.

In the same magazine is a tank top based on the same bodice, #118, and it fits so nicely that I think I’ll make some tops out of the same pattern.

I sewed size 38 if I remember correctly and used 1.25m of 150 cm wide Liberty silk – €25 from Murphy Sheehy’s.


I didn’t follow the instructions at all. I used strips of bias interfacing to stabilise the neckline and armholes and it worked a treat. You can buy it in a box; it’s about € 10 but worth every penny. I think there’s supposed to be a loop and button for the back slit but I just used a hook and eye.


The bias edgings I sewed on no problem and then sewed them down on the inside by hand. Not difficult, just a bit time consuming. I did the same with the facing for the back slit.


The sleeves are a wee but long but it doesn’t bother me since I usually do this with my sleeves! I also just sewed on the cuff binding without any slit in the sleeve because firstly, I forgot and secondly, the binding was too short for an overlap for a button.


This was the original outfit as I’d planned. I bought all the material and lining together for €70 which, considering I still have enough wool for pants leftover, is pretty good. I love the cape and the skirt but perhaps not together. Maybe I’ll make a pencil skirt instead.


All in all though, this was an easy pattern to make and my first successful silk blouse. A number of things made this easier: I found a tutorial for cutting slippery fabrics – you sandwich it between two layers of paper (I used newspaper) and cut it out. It worked amazingly well. I used silk thread, even for basting, and a silk needle. I had no problems with snags or big holes like other times.

I’ve already planned another in a navy polka dot!

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