Dear God

Dear God, I just checked the meterage between the ‘recommended’ Rowan Calmer and the Phildar Aviso. Calmer is about 160m where as the Aviso is 68m. What is wrong with me?!! I am going to need eight more balls. I think I should abandon ship and just keep the yarn for a vest or something.

What should I do? Order *eight* more balls and struggle on?

5 thoughts on “Dear God

  1. Ordinarily I would say frog the damn thing and show no mercy. However, it sounds like things are a bit tight at the moment. Whatever you chose to do, you’re going to have to fork out some dosh –

    So your choices are: start from afresh, buy the recommended Rowan Calmer and save the Aviso for another project. Or, if you are LOVING the top with the Phildar Aviso, then splurge on the extra EIGHT balls of wool, complete the job and admire your FO!

    Good luck! Bernie

    No help whatsoever, eh?

  2. gosh… I whish I had the experience to help you with this, but sadly…no…
    so, I’ll leave it with: good luck!

  3. Hello from a fellow KWC knitter! I really like your blog and thank you so much for the post on knitting stores in Ireland. Wish I had known three years ago when I was in Dublin and Donegal for four weeks. I did raid one yarn factory but found not much yarn to speak of in Dublin. Looked in the totally wrong places….
    Too bad about the yarn for your world cup project- it looks so nice, frogging it would be terrible. I am a sissy when it comes to frogging anyway!

    Greetings from Germany, N.

  4. Yanno, I’ve done the same thing twice with this shawl that I’m working on. Stupid lace with all the stupid yarn it eats up. Once I finally get done with this shawl, I’m thinking of lining up my whole stash and making it watch while I set the shawl on fire.

    Is that sick? I mean, it’s just yarn…but it has to learn SOMEHOW.

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