June 20, 2006

We have kick off!

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I knitted nearly 10cm of dense ribbing yesterday, and no matter how much effort I put into it, ribbing still just looks like ribbing so I hung on until today before posting a picture :)

Pattern: Bliss, from Rowan 39.
Wool: Phildar Aviso, 60% cotton, 40% acrylic.

This is the left front. It took nearly an entire ball to knit the ribbing, which is very worrying, but since i got started, I have reached the armhole shaping on less than a ball. Oh well – I can always order a few more if I need to. I will probably order straight from Phildar if I need to.

This is a close up of the lace detail. Sorry for the flash photo, it was very dull all day today.

Tomorrow I go home because I’m starting my job on Monday. So I had a lot of odd jobs to do today. I went into town in the morning because I had some things to get. I got my next parcel together for my secret pal, had a look in the George’s Arcade, shopped in Penny’s and hunted down some wool. The last bit involved me walking all the way to a shop on Dorset Street – about half the way home – to no avail. For my secret pal, I have got ‘Knitting’ and ‘Anna’ magazine (the latter is an all-round textile craft mag), a big bag of Bewley’s strong coffee powder, two tubes of gourmet jelly beans for her kids, and some body stuff from M&S (royal jelly and honey sugar body scrub, almond and peach hand&nail cream, mud mask/sauna mask/feet refresher soak, bar of Dove), and I just managed to squeeze in a ball of the lovely soft ‘Ladybird’ yarn from Tivoli, in white. Think it’s enough? Think she’ll like it? I was trying to go by what I would like to get in the post and what I could afford :S

Penny’s yielded this groovy bag for a euro! And I finally found a needle gauge that I could afford – every single gauge I have found is about e15. This was e2.25 :D

I am obviously pinching pennies because it will be a while until I get paid, and I want to go to Galway at the weekend to see Alb and the Airshow. (Alb and the Airshow – what a great name for a band!) So I will need at least the bus fare and money to buy an extra ball of Felted Tweed to finish Salina. I finished the first sleeve today, so I’m actually not that far off. Hard to believe, really :D

Thanks to all (SP, Saskia) for the fellow-yippeeee comments about my box finally getting here :)


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  1. I’ve recently started on Bliss, too. Yours looks great – I hope mine looks as good as yours does.

    Comment by Katie — June 24, 2006 @ 15:40

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