Tús an Earraigh

By Irish reckoning, today is the beginning of Spring… Just because we say it is doesn’t necessarily make it so, but it’s nice to think it anyway. With that in mind, please disregard the fact that I am wearing leggings and socks in the photos; it is too cold for mere tights today.

This skirt came about quickly. A combination of being sick of being sick all the time, working the rest of the time, cold weather and feeling exhausted all the time. I went to Murphy Sheehy’s for lining and came away with this and a beautiful muted plaid which I hope to make this weekend.


Pattern: Ginger by Colette. I didn’t think I’d make a third one but going through my skirt patterns, this was the best match.

Fabric: 75 cm of heavy weight wool. It has a thick weave but is very soft to the touch. There are flecks of purple, cream, white and blue throughout – this is true love. I used a white acetate I had leftovers of to line it and a zip I found in the drawer. So, just the cost of the fabric then, €18.75.

Nothing really of note in the construction. I spent as long getting my overlocker to do a rolled hem for the lining as sewing the rest of the skirt.


You can see that I used bias tape for the hem. I started out by making bias from a few leftover scraps but it turned out far too thick to use, so I found enough leftover binding in the the drawer to use instead.


I was a bit of a smarty pants and measured very carefully before putting in my zip. I still basted it in but managed to avoid the usual misalignment of the waistband seams.


That’s it! I finally have a skirt to go with all my dark navy, grey and purple sweaters.

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