FO: V-neck blouse

Here are some more details about the blouse I briefly showed yesterday.


Sorry it’s a bit wrinkly; I wore it yesterday to work and forgot to iron it before taking the photos.

Pattern: Vintage ‘Advance’ pattern I got on Etsy. It’s marked as size 14.5 for a 35″ bust.

Fabric: Almost 1.5m of cotton poplin from The Cloth Shop. This is the second blouse I’ve made from their shirting and it is only so-so. It’s not quite as drapey as I’d like and it’s matt quality means it picks up dust and loose threads like a magnet. I think I’ll go back to Murphy Sheehy’s shirting in future; the one blouse I made in it is a firm favourite.


Although the pleated darts in the back make it a bit puffy, I find it very comfortable.


I really like how the collar sits over low-neck and v-neck sweaters… I think I’ll be making a few more iterations of this pattern!

Warm thoughts to those suffering with snow in the UK today, I hope we avoid it…though it certainly feels cold enough for it today. Stay warm, all!

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