January 9, 2013

A blouse

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I have been thinking about approaching what I make a little differently. I have been thinking about making some ‘outfits’. I made a few last year – the Passport dress and jacket, the tartan skirt and green jumper and the brown herringbone skirt with brown Renfrew polo neck. I have worn the last two outfits alot.

So for January, I’d like to make a wool skirt, matching jacket and white blouse. I need the blouse and I luckily have enough charcoal wool suiting to make the skirt and jacket. I am going to make the jacket last because it is less essential than the blouse and skirt.

The blouse is a vintage ‘Advance’ pattern I found on Etsy.


I’m making the long sleeved version. I think the V-neck will go well with lots of sweaters I have. The sleeves are quite blousey so I narrowed them down a fair bit.

So far, I’ve joined the front and back pieces. They use pleat-like darts which I love for their relaxed effect.


Tomorrow I hope to get to the collar, my favourite bit!


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