I posted a while ago about a mock up I made of the Clover pants. They turned out really well and I ended up wearing them quite a lot during warmer weather. I went on to make two pairs. Here’s the first in a charcoal wool suiting.

A quick recap! The pattern is the Clover pants from Colette and I cut a size 6 at the waist and tapered out to a size 8 at the hip. This made putting in the zip a little more tricky because of the curve but it turned out fine. I used not much more than 1m of the suiting.

Luckily they required very little fitting – I took in the centre front seam a bit and let out the centre back seam about half an inch.

They’re very comfortable. For a first pants pattern, they’re quick and easy and a great place to start.

The other pair I made is in a navy wool cashmere. I squeezed this out of a metre and didn’t do anything different.

It is impossible to see in the photo but the texture of this fabric is far more matt than the suiting, so it tends to pick up lots of hairs and bits of fluff. Again, it’s a really comfortable pair, quite snug and they go with everything the black pair don’t.

My only qualm is that they leave my feet exposed so I’m limited to milder cycling days. Obviously I wear shoes! but these days, the weather has been more wool dress/tights/boots.

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