FO: Jasmine trousers

For some reason, I find myself extremely amused by this project. Every time I pull them on, I snicker. Maybe it was that I wasn’t quite so prepared for how…wide they were going to be. I shouldn’t have been – I made a muslin and was really happy with it.


The details!

Pattern: Jasmine by Colette.

Fabric: Black cord with lovely weight and density of nap, marked down to clear at Hickey’s for €6/m. I used barely over a metre so I have enough left over to make something else, too.

As I said, I made a muslin in the size 6 and made no adjustments at all. The fit around the waist and hips is great. This was my first time fitting a fly zip but the instructions were very clear and it was easy. The pockets, too, are awesome. Deep and comfortable without being bulky.

Really, my only thing with the pattern us the width of the legs. They’re like boat sails. I feel certain I have added momentum on a windy day, wherever I go.


I think alot if this is due to the stiffness of the cord; in a drapier fabric, I imagine they would be quite luxurious looking. In fact, I cannot conceive of a summer pants more comfortable than a pair in light cotton or even silk.

Sometimes, I think that should take the legs in. Others, I think I like their bold, wide statement and that they should stay as they are. For the moment, I’m going to leave them as they are and see how much I wear them. I did make them as comfy-at-home pants.

Here’s a look at the fly detail.


I used a snap and a hook instead of two hooks because 1. I only had one hook and 2. Even if I did have another, they wouldn’t have fit together. This works fine.


Have I mentioned how much I love my overlocker? The fraying and sheer disintegration of cord seams drives me to distraction so I was thrilled to have a solution! I serged the side seams then stitched them down; it’s a nice finish.

As for the hem, I shortened the bit that goes over my shoe ever so slightly so that they don’t wrinkle over my shoes. It was an experiment and I have to say, it works pretty well.

The jury’s out regarding the legs but today, I like them.

4 thoughts on “FO: Jasmine trousers

  1. They look great, very similar to the pants I just made. In fact, you fastened yours the same as I did mine, one snap and one hook! If the the fullness of the legs still seems strange think of the pants that women wore in the 1940s. Look at this inspiration. I’m already planning my next pair…in corduroy!

  2. Aileen. As usual enjoyed catching up on your blog. Lovely work there. And i’m in love with your overlocker! Great idea to get yourself one. Have a good friend who has an interesting blog. She knits a lot but has no knitting on her site but lace, beady crafts, Teddy Bears and Encaustic Art. You might enjoy it. Keep up the good work. Mary

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