Another Liverpool Blouse

I know I briefly mentioned completing this blouse a while ago. I thought that, since this is what I’m wearing today, it would be a good time to share.


Just a plain white blouse. The cotton is heavier than regular shirting, with a slightly looser weave, so with a few washes has become indescribably soft.


This is how I wear it tucked in and usually with a cardigan over it.


You’ll probably recognise the skirt as the first Ginger I made. The grey wool is holding up impeccably and is in constant rotation. I recall balking at the €20/m price for the fabric but working out at less than €30, I think now that I got a pretty good skirt.

That blouse I dug out yesterday.


It’s another Violet. The collar on my last one annoys me so much, I was determined to get it right. Sleeves are set in so after sewing them, all that remains are buttonholes.

Did you see that the winter Twist Collective is live? It’s a really good one.

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