Liverpool Shirtdress

Happy weekend! Did you happen to notice how today seems a little brighter than usual? That the planet is somehow better aligned…? That would be because, after a whole week of (thinly disguised) patient waiting, I finally received the replacement part for my sewing machine! Thank the heavens. There was a LOT of cutting out […]

Autumnal June outfit

I completed this early last month but didn’t have a chance to take photos until today. Sorry it’s a bit dark! The dress is a very dark navy wool crepe. It’s the Dakota dress from the Finnish company, Named Patterns. I’ll confess, I was blown away by their first pattern collection last winter. I really […]

A dress and some spinning

Ah, summer is here! I would have posted before today but – weather. It’s been so lovely here that I have only left the house to go to the supermarket. My week has run a little like this: practice, coffee in sun, practice, water in sun, chores, tea in sun, practice, fruit in sun…rinse and […]

FO: Helene

This has been a long time in the making! I first started it on honeymoon with a sport weight yarn, but it turned out too thick and dense, so I ripped it out. I really liked the design so last summer, I bought some Katia linen and knit it again. Although I’m really happy with […]

Belated March Outfit

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! It did pour in Galway but I had a good time anyway. I didn’t finish any sleeves on my red cardigan, but I did get the button band done. I’m not sure how much yarn the sleeves are going to take so I figured I should do the […]