September Outfit – for Recitals

I did not anticipate making this outfit by ANY measure. I am quite proud of this ensemble as it was partly of my own design. The skirt I drafted on a whim. It was something I’d intended to make during the spring and I even bought the fabric for it. It was inspired by a […]

Ramp up

I’ve been busy guys! I had a recital in Sligo at the weekend. It was great fun but meant I was reasonably occupied and then a bit tired afterwards. I am about to start sewing a shirt for Alb but I need to cut out the pattern. Rather than start something different, I decided to […]

Upon return

We did a few other fun things whilst in Austria, such as visit Bratislava. Only 40 km from Vienna, it’s a cheap day return away. Divided in two between the Danube, we spent the day in the beautifully restored old city. Here are some typical facades. Unfortunately, not even a step beyond the old city […]

Postcard from Vienna

Alb and I are in Vienna for a few days before I go back to work. It is quite the city. I think if I had to describe it in one word, I would call it ‘gluttonous’. The city centre is full of buildings such as this: And this: Everything is lavishly detailed and every […]

Autumn/Winter planning

I think I did quite well with my summer sewing and planning (you can see all of the relevant posts under this tag). I used up some really old fabrics and I postponed others as they were more autumn appropriate. I have some needs to fill. Firstly, I need a few more smart-casual pieces. I […]