Monthly Archives: March 2013

More progress

Slow and steady wins the race, isn’t that how it goes? I say this alot to my students. I have a few spare moments to sew so I concentrate on one thing at a time. Today was zip day. I managed to get the waistband lined up at the back with only minimal ripping out.

Finally, I could try it on!


Thankfully the shoulder pieces are easy to adjust because I have practically no shoulders. I may even need to dart out done excess fabric in the back of these sleeve pieces, I have to tuck them in so much for the dress to stay on!


Aside from that, the fit is nice with a little bit of room. I cut the lining for the bodice from a cotton for comfort so it’s going to be a little bit more bulky than normal lining. Therefore some extra room in the bodice is no bad thing.

Excited to get this finished and on to the jacket!

Cambie progress


I have the dress made up in the main fabric and just have to insert the zip before I can see how it fits. I didn’t make a muslin because I’ve already made the skirt part twice and it fits great. I love the contrast of the change of direction of the print in the waistband.

It took me a long time to find a green that matched but I think I have something that will work. I’m really hoping to have this finished up by Paddy’s day – it’s on a Sunday this year so I could wear it to my organ job without being too out of place.

Regarding my other holiday sewing, I’m beginning to doubt getting the navy pants sewn in time. They take a lot of time to mock up and adjust. I think I’d rather concentrate on making the green jacket so I have at least one complete outfit. And it’s not like I don’t own any navy bottoms so assuming I have time to make the voile top, it will go with other things. The dress, on the other hand, needs the jacket so that comes first!


I’ve been working on some things for myself since finishing my Dad’s jumper (which fits really well!). First is a pair of navy socks from some plain old Opal yarn.


Yes my feet really are that tiny. I take a 3.5UK. It means I always get shoes in the sales!

The other thing is a sweater, Pomegranate, in Rialto DK. The colour is beautiful and will go lovely with my million navy items. I don’t like how I worked the rib decreases here though, so I’m going to rip back and rework it.


That’s it for now. I started sewing my green dress today so hopefully will have photos soon.