Easter top and greetings

Despite my best intentions to take lots of progress photos – and there has been progress! – it hasn’t happened. I wore my green dress and jacket last night but it was too dark for photos 🙁 I’m glad I made and brought them (along with my other Ikea flowery dress and accompanying linen jacket […]

Brief dispatch

I am aware that my home country is covered in horrid, unfair, unseasonal snow so I won’t dwell too much on this… I am away. I am on the sub tropical island of Madeira. There are bananas, rum, the sloshy sounds of Portuguese, a little knitting and crochet, a lot of hills, and most importantly […]

Sticking to the plan

The green jacket was quite the disaster – the neckline was too wide, the armscyes too deep and narrow. Despite my best efforts, I could not salvage the pattern. So, I decided to cut my losses and start again. Luckily the shop where I got the cotton to begin with had a little bit left […]

Stitching in general

I love learning new things. Of course, part of this is making a lot of mistakes, getting stuck and having to figure it out. Fitting. Lots of fitting. Basting and re-basting. Discovering that my hand-stitching does not hold up under the weight of the fabric. I could probably persist but I think some plain old […]

Snow day sun dress

I have a real knack for sewing weather-inappropriate items and this is no exception! I opened the curtains today to full-on blizzard conditions. Of course, now the sun’s out and it’s all but melted. It’s still windy and bitter like only March can be. I think March’s speciality is hail, actually. You’re out enjoying a […]