January 14, 2013

FO: V-neck blouse

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Here are some more details about the blouse I briefly showed yesterday.


Sorry it’s a bit wrinkly; I wore it yesterday to work and forgot to iron it before taking the photos.

Pattern: Vintage ‘Advance’ pattern I got on Etsy. It’s marked as size 14.5 for a 35″ bust.

Fabric: Almost 1.5m of cotton poplin from The Cloth Shop. This is the second blouse I’ve made from their shirting and it is only so-so. It’s not quite as drapey as I’d like and it’s matt quality means it picks up dust and loose threads like a magnet. I think I’ll go back to Murphy Sheehy’s shirting in future; the one blouse I made in it is a firm favourite.


Although the pleated darts in the back make it a bit puffy, I find it very comfortable.


I really like how the collar sits over low-neck and v-neck sweaters… I think I’ll be making a few more iterations of this pattern!

Warm thoughts to those suffering with snow in the UK today, I hope we avoid it…though it certainly feels cold enough for it today. Stay warm, all!


January 13, 2013

A quick one

Just to show a quick peek at my blouse that I finished yesterday.


I tried it in when I had basted both sleeves in and to my surprise, no fitting for the shoulders was necessary. It’s a miracle! I suppose I could have fiddled about with then to make them a little more sleek but that leads on to the problem of making both sleeve caps the same… So I left well enough alone.

I also may have started sewing a small fur cape. I sewed the lining first to make sure of the fit.


I bought this satin lining as a remnant along with half a metre of fur about 18 months ago, maybe more. There was never enough of the satin to make a top of any substance, and the fur, short though it may be, was taking up a lot of space. I’ve been meaning to make the pattern since I bought the fur so no time like the present.

I sewed a quick muslin of the skirt I’m going to make to go with the blouse; it fits just fine. In the course of my rummaging and stash clearing, I found a wonderful peacock lining in teal and I think I will just about have enough for both the skirt and jacket!


January 11, 2013

Outfit for a cold day and a sleeve

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Here’s what I’m wearing today. It’s a good example of something I made recently along with something I made this time last year.


Grey check dress, royal blue cowl neck top, grey thermal tights. Add hot pink lipstick and I’m ready to go to work!

I got a sleeve completed on my blouse this morning. Cuffs are as time consuming as collars but nowhere near as fun.


Here, I only basted in the sleeve. I’ll wait until I have the other sleeve in before I do any fitting and actual sewing. I’m pretty happy with how the placket and top stitching came out.


But the real challenge remains – making the other one the same!


January 10, 2013

A morning’s collar

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I think it turned out quite nicely, though the notch is nowhere as pronounced as in the pattern picture. I think I like it better this way.


Looking forward to having this to wear. I cut out the pieces for my black skirt and all that remains is to pick a jacket pattern.


January 9, 2013

A blouse

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I have been thinking about approaching what I make a little differently. I have been thinking about making some ‘outfits’. I made a few last year – the Passport dress and jacket, the tartan skirt and green jumper and the brown herringbone skirt with brown Renfrew polo neck. I have worn the last two outfits alot.

So for January, I’d like to make a wool skirt, matching jacket and white blouse. I need the blouse and I luckily have enough charcoal wool suiting to make the skirt and jacket. I am going to make the jacket last because it is less essential than the blouse and skirt.

The blouse is a vintage ‘Advance’ pattern I found on Etsy.


I’m making the long sleeved version. I think the V-neck will go well with lots of sweaters I have. The sleeves are quite blousey so I narrowed them down a fair bit.

So far, I’ve joined the front and back pieces. They use pleat-like darts which I love for their relaxed effect.


Tomorrow I hope to get to the collar, my favourite bit!