I did a lot of job-y things this weekend. Saturday was so cold. I spent much of the day keeping warm and when I rallied in the afternoon, I spent it tracing patterns and cutting fabric (and cooking and cleaning and laundering and all the other things that go with Saturday). Yesterday, I was super […]


I posted a while ago about a mock up I made of the Clover pants. They turned out really well and I ended up wearing them quite a lot during warmer weather. I went on to make two pairs. Here’s the first in a charcoal wool suiting. A quick recap! The pattern is the Clover […]

Two Unseasonal Tops

I might as well continue with my unseasonal sew-and-tell. Contrary to the dress, I only finished up these two wee tops during the week. The first is my nemesis, the Violet blouse by Colette patterns. You might remember it from before. So many things went wrong for that blouse, I decided to give it another […]

Passport Dress and Jacket

I finished this up at the end of September but never had a good moment to take photos. This morning I was woken by brilliant sunlight and thought, today’s the day! It’s a little unseasonal but I think these things are good to remind us that it won’t always be this cold; there shall be […]

FO: Jasmine trousers

For some reason, I find myself extremely amused by this project. Every time I pull them on, I snicker. Maybe it was that I wasn’t quite so prepared for how…wide they were going to be. I shouldn’t have been – I made a muslin and was really happy with it. The details! Pattern: Jasmine by […]