June 6, 2012


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This is going to be a ‘twofer’ post (two-fer-one), mostly because these are patterns you’ve seen before but in another guise. First up, another Kimono top.

Pattern: Kimono top from Salme. I made it before in chiffon here and delicious Liberty lawn here.

Fabric: 1m of lace from Hickey’s. I bought this about a year ago with a view to making a lace collar for a dark blouse but never got around to it. I have a feeling that I bought a metre of it because it was on sale.

Due to its transparency, I didn’t want to use the facings given in the pattern, but I wasn’t able to use my rolled hem foot, either, because the fabric was too thick. So, I had a bit of a dilemma. I tried putting some cream bias binding on the neckline and folding it to the inside but the colour didn’t work very well. I left it to one side for a while and the next time I was in town, I picked up some ivory grosgrain. I used it to face the neckline and the armholes; I think it worked well.

Other than that, it was a straight-forward make. I am a little annoyed that I didn’t think to use french seams but it’s not a deal-breaker.

The other project is yet another bias skirt! I first made it last summer in an unlined polka-dot here and then for winter in a black plaid here. I have gotten a tonne of wear out of both so when I saw this pink, small check, linen, it popped into my mind.

Fabric: 1.5m of linen from Murphy Sheehy’s, something like €15. Lined with ‘Bomull’ cotton from Ikea, €2 (everytime I go to Ikea, I get some of it because it’s great for making muslins). I wanted to line it with a natural fibre for comfort in warmer weather.

Pattern: Bias Skirt from One Yard Wonders.

Obviously, I did not need all of that linen for this little skirt. I made a matching top with the leftovers; you’ll see it soon.

I did the same thing as for the wool version I made and lined: I sewed a 6/8″ ‘hem’ from the top but didn’t close it up, and used it as casing for the elastic.

I wore this a number of times during our mini-heatwave last week (no tights, sandals, no jacket… I find it hard to believe as I sit here swathed in woolly socks, jumper and shawl). Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. Mostly I caught up on some sleep and housework, thrilling stuff!


June 5, 2012

Navy Pleated Skirt

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I have wanted a sensible navy pleated skirt for a long time. It took some organisation. First, I found the fabric – heavy cotton in Murphy Sheehy’s. Then, I found the pattern – a straight-forward vintage pattern on Etsy. It has four versions: a mix-and-match of long or short, with box-pleats or pleats folded to one side. I went with a short skirt with pleats folded to one side.

I had never made a skirt with this many pleats before. It’s pleated the whole way around. To accommodate fabric width, it’s cut in two or three sections (three for me). These seams, along with the lapped zipper, are hidden amongst the pleats. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, so really, this wasn’t a difficult project, just time-consuming.

You join the three pieces first, then put in the pleats. I pinned them all down, then pressed them, finally basting them in. This was tedious but necessary for a uniform look.

As you can see, there is a fair amount of volume in the skirt but the stiffness of the cotton means it has a pleasing (to me, anyway) A-line shape. I followed the pleat lines to set my pleats by pressing. However, I think I will go back and re-press them so that more fabric is taken in by the pleat, thus making it a little less A-line. It’s a bit Sound of Music at the moment.

This was my first time making a lapped zipper. It is simple and clever the way it is incorporated into the pleats. I had a bit of a wobble but I don’t think you’d notice. The hook and bar are perhaps a bit big but I had them in the drawer so it saved me a trip. All zipped up, it looks just like another pleat.

The fabric was quite narrow so I bought too much – 2.5m but I only used 1.5m at the most. My leftovers include the 1m full width and about 50cm of the width for the rest, if that makes any sense. Anyway, I’m confident that I have enough to make a light matching jacket, like this. I could wear it with a lot of different things, too.


June 4, 2012

A few random FOs

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I finished my lacy scarf. Here it is in its blocked glory.

I used a 1.5mm hook and DMC Petra 8 cotton from here. A few things: 1. The little metal cap that goes on my hook? That doesn’t get old. I was really careful to put it into my project bag every time I took it off and miraculously, we survived the project intact. 2. The yarn blocks out wonderfully. It’s almost like silk, it’s so shiny and soft. I don’t think I even used half the ball so that’s pretty good bang for my buck right there. 3. This is Knit’s online service is a thing of beauty. They recently revamped their site and it’s great. I ordered my yarn and hook and they were posted the same day, so I had them the following morning. It’s not quite instant gratification but it’s about as close as you’re going to get by post.

The last time I was in Galway, I picked up some fresh, loose lavender from the market stall that sells olives. Olives are one of the few things I dislike to eat. I’ve given them a fair try, too, eating them fresh in Greece, Italy and Argentina. Yuck. But fresh lavender? Swoon! They gave me a bag and I took what I wanted. It didn’t seem such an enterprising system on their part because, charging by weight, they basically charged me for a bag of air – I got a big bag of it for €2. I have a big wad of scraps so I cut up some squares and made these. Lavender sachets.

I spent a little while yesterday making them up. Very easy. If you have a lavender bush at home, this is an easy project for the summer. I have about a third of my lavender left over so I will make a few more, I think.

Last but not least, here’s a modelled shot of my Wiksten tank.

Fabric: Quilting cotton from Pippa Blue. I bought 1.5m but only needed a little over 1m.

We’ve had some warm weather recently so I have been wearing it a lot with my denim shorts. It is extremely comfortable!

Today was the day I finally got around to taking modelled shots of what I’ve been making lately. I have a lot of projects to share this week!