Humble beginnings

This is one of the first Christmas presents I ever remember getting. I was maybe 5. It’s missing the peg for holding the spool, but otherwise still works perfectly. It has a magic mechanism that forms the stitch without needing a bobbin. My mum cut out two pieces of mauve fabric, pinned them together, and […]

OĆ­che Nollag

The time is upon us. For all you crafters still frantically stitching away, you can do it. You have what it takes. And if that’s not enough, remember that Christmas Day is a full 24 hours long. Anytime before midnight cannot be deemed ‘too late’. I, for one, am amazed that I finished my gift […]

Christmas Eve Eve

You guys, I made it. My dad’s jumper is done. My mum worked her steam iron magic on it and it is wrapped and under the tree. My mum’s secret jumper – an Elizabeth Zimmermann Ribwarmer – is done, too, and it is wrapped with the rest of her present. I have experienced the seven […]


I can’t help myself. Sewing with checks and plaids are like making and assembling a giant puzzle. Every seam is absorbing. I’m sure I’ll get over it but for now… I took my Amy Butler Anna pattern and made some adjustments. It fits nicely at the bust but there are gathers and I didn’t think […]


We’re into the last two weeks before Christmas… no pressure! Just cranking out the acres and acres of stockinette and garter. The body of my dad’s sweater is finished so it’s on to sleeves today hopefully and the other mystery item is well over half-way so I’m on target, I think. Unfortunately, all of my […]