A finished experiment

I had to get a yellow fever vaccine last night because we’re going to South America for our honeymoon, and while I was in town I swung by Rubanesque to see if they had any trims suitable for my top. I found two contenders and was swaying more towards a delicate, shiny, pale trim but […]

An interesting experiment

Hello again! The course in Switzerland was brilliant. It was an action-packed ten days but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I had great energy when I got back but it all caught up with me at the weekend. Anyway, I’m back to my old self today. Before I went away, I started […]

FO: Celaeno

Quick one for the weekend! Pattern: Celaeno from Romi’s 7 Small Shawls to Knit. I’m not a huge shawl knitter but I want to knit all of these. Yarn: Cashmere from Hedgehog, one skein. Needles: 4mm Knitpicks circular. I loved knitting every single stitch of this. Really, it was all about the yarn: the subtle […]

FO: Harvest Moon

Pattern: Harvest Moon by Heidi Kirrmaier (Ravelry link only to this pattern, sorry!) Yarn: Aran Tweed by Debbie Bliss, 10 balls. This stuff is deep stash. 2006 deep stash. It was glad to be finally knit. Needles: 4mm knitpicks circular. I couldn’t figure out how to stop the front from drooping forward. I crocheted around […]

FO: Graystone Sweater

Pattern: Graystone Sweater from Veera’s Book of Gray. Yarn: Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted, 5 balls (1120m). Needles: 4mm Knitpicks circular. This was a really straight-forward knit. As always, the pattern was clear and easy to follow. Mostly, the garter stitch afforded wonderful mindless knitting but resulting in a gorgeous lap-blanket as you worked. I […]