What I Do

I get asked this a lot. I try and keep to the point of knitting when I post here but I think it would be good to fill you guys in on what goes on around here. It will hopefully also explain why sometimes there is a lot of knitting and others, not so much. […]

My favourite things #2: Ebooks

It is great to see e-readers gaining popularity. I have had mine for over a year now and I can honestly say that it has cut my consumption of paper goods to a fraction of what it was. I think that this, coupled with the platform that Ravelry gives to independent designers to sell their […]

Could it be?

Everything caught up with me and I crashed at the weekend. Yesterday I had a day at home. Lately the weather has been really awful with howling wind and rain but yesterday afternoon, the sun came out and the wind abated. I hopped on my bike and got down to the Botanic Gardens for a […]