October 5, 2010

We all fall down

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Autumn has started to creep in. I know it’s no fun watching the mornings grow tangibly darker each day but really, we have been blessed with a beautiful Autumn this year. The leaves are always slow to turn in Dublin; the tree above was literally the only one without green leaves in the Botanic Gardens on Sunday!

Cool weather always makes me knit faster.

I have already nearly finished the second sleeve. It’s looking likely that I will have to rip out the first cuff and make them a good bit shorter in order to have enough yarn for the button bands. I am assuming that I have used all of my yarn… I may still have an extra skein upstairs. Though if memory serves me correctly, I cut it pretty close to the yardage specified and only got what I thought would suffice, each skein being €8 a pop!

I have been swatching, too.

This isn’t the half of it. Oh, swatching for me is so tedious. It usually takes me two or three goes to match someone else’s gauge. It’s frustrating but I don’t have the time or head space to do my own numbers these days.

Bertha is going strong. For all those folks marvelling at and/or worrying about me cycling in Dublin (there’s a depressing quote floating around that goes to the tune of, “to cycle in Dublin is to know fear!”), I should probably point out a few things. For a start, I’m lucky that I never have to cycle at peak times. And then there’s the fact that I look like a Christmas tree, whether it’s sunny or not… and by now I know that Dublin Bus drivers are actually pretty good – it’s the van drivers and women with kids in the back you have to watch out for. Van drivers are always in a hurry because the longer they’re on the road, the less money they make. And women with kids in the back are distracted. When I got knocked down a few years ago, it was by a woman with kids who “just didn’t see” me. They’re a species of driver that is most frightening for cyclists: unpredictable, tired and irritable (probably), and in a hurry. It pains me to have to say it because I, too, am a female driver. But if having kids in the car makes you so inattentive and unaware of other vehicles in your proximity, if I have kids I think I may resort to riding one of these. Doesn’t it look like more fun, though?