On the road again

This time I’m involved in the music for a one man play called Tom Loves a Lord. We played Friday night in the Town Hall Theatre, Galway. (The theatre gives a good synopsis of the play). I wanted to post about it before the night but we were so involved in rehearsals and set up […]

My Favourite Things #1

Every now and then I come across little things that I think are cool. They’re not really substantial enough to post about on their own so I’ve been making little collections. Here’s my first offering. Favourite Thing the first is something I have had for absolutely ages: a Knit Kit. I initially bought one as […]


If there’s anything that knitting has taught me, it’s to have patience. Riding around on my bike, I see that this is sometimes a rare skill indeed. When you think about it, it’s sort of funny because it’s a false state in a way. It doesn’t change anything, it’s just how you perceive things and […]

Autumn is for knitting

I think there is a good case for adding this to one of the certainties of life: death, taxes and autumn is for knitting. Peasy (Ravelry link – it doesn’t seem to exist ‘on the outside’) got finished up in the blink of an eye but has been languishing for want of buttons. I have […]

An early outing

It has been a most interesting and uneventful month. College and my own work has very slowly been getting underway. Ordinarily I would be more fretful about how quiet my phone has been (ok, I have been doing a little fretting over that) but mostly I have been trying to enjoy the lovely autumn we’re […]