Actual knitting content!

Knitting has been slow these days as a lot of my knitting time has been replaced by cycling or reading for my thesis (riveting. I swear.), but the knitting I have been getting done has been lovely. I am working almost exclusively on Peasy – that’s a Ravelry link, it doesn’t seem to be available […]

Glasnevin Market

Only two things of note has happened since the Yarn Tasting: I got sick and I got a new bike! I’m not sick any more, thankfully; I think everything just caught up with me. As for the new bike, it is a second-hand Dawes Duchess. Every now and then, you get a bit of luck […]

Yarn Tasting 2010

Last night, I went in to the Yarn Tasting at This is Knit. You had to book your spot in advance. I was a bit slow off the mark for that and ended up second on the waiting list. Luckily, I bagged me a place! The event was in The Loft in the Powerscourt Centre. […]