The real heel

“The ankle was an arch enemy of the heel because the heel had a sole that could neither toe the line nor keep instep.” This isn’t my first garter stitch heel. What I neglected to ever mention that time, however, was that I didn’t knit the second sock. I just wasn’t sold on the idea. […]


…just in time for September! I was chipping away at Arielle on the road and have nearly finished it up. The sleeves need to be sewn in and I need buttons for it. Since getting home, I have been consumed by the desire to cast on everything I see. You see, I’ve been here many, […]

Finland, Cologne, Bruges, Delft, Leiden

I’ve been on the road for the last three weeks and got home on Friday. Directly after my last post, I flew to Finland with my violinist where we toured west, played some concerts and had a week of masterclasses. It was my first time to Finland and although I was so involved practising and […]

Summer is floating along. Elina and I played at the Boyle Arts Festival last week. As you can see, we are starting to keep good company! Next week, we’ll be in Finland (where Elina is from) for some concerts and then masterclasses at the Turku Festival. Founded in 1960, this is a renowned chamber music […]