Saturday catch-up

It’s always good to catch up! There has been a lot of knitting but not much opportunity to share it. This is mostly because I am always in a big rush in the morning and by the time I get home, it is far too dark to take photos. It was a close thing today! […]

Why Alb gets a jumper

He fully accepts liability. I am pretty sure he is unaware of the term ‘boyfriend sweater curse’ but the notion is not alien to him. In his words, I knit him a jumper, he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t wear it, I get mad. However, I have some things working in my favour: I can’t […]

FO – Multnomah

The one thing I love about studying and working as an accompanist is the variety of work. For example, I’ve got competitions and concerts coming up for violin, flute, bassoon, choir, and singers. It sounds a bit much but really, it makes for an interesting working day and a decent amount of knitting time. The […]