Pink lining

Knitting has been going horribly, horribly wrong lately. I finished my green tshirt – the one where I knit the sleeves separately and sewed in the sleeve cap. Disastrous. Unpicked all the sewing and reknit the sleeves. Sewed them back in. Still disastrous. I’m not sure if I should knit the sleeves from the armhole […]

Fie, fye, foe, fum!

Last weekend, because the weather was set to be fine for a few days, we headed up north to visit Newry, Belfast and the Giant’s Causeway. Legend has it that Fionn MacCumhaill built the causeway as a bridge to Scotland to battle his foe, Benandonner. He fell asleep before he got to Scotland and when […]

Not much to show…

…but something to tell. I’ve been pretty busy this week getting ready for my audition and putting off getting ready for my audition. This is what I was doing whilst putting things off. Yup, another hand towel. I told you I had a lot of that cotton! It is so nice to work with and […]

FO – Handtowel #1

I knit a green sleeve up to the armhole and 45cm of blue sleeve and then I gave up. I couldn’t take it any more. But of course you can’t just do nothing, so I made one of these instead. Pattern: Cotton Dishcloths from the LionBrand website. I think you might have to join up […]

Sleeve Island

You think one sleeve is bad? Try these on for size. Horrendous. The green is for a very simple henley top that I finished the body for about four months ago. Something got into my head that it would not only be a good idea, but a GREAT idea, to knit bottom up sleeves and […]