Especially for Helen Mc…

…A shot of the boats and relevant festivities taken from the top of Heinz carpark by the docks. This was taken about half an hour before Sharon Shannon came on stage so even though it looks like there were lots of people there, it is nothing compared to what it was like later. You can […]

Fáilte go Gaillimh

The Volvo Ocean Race is in town until next weekend so Alb and I decided to make a long-overdue photo trip down to have a look at what’s going on. Neither of us know anything about boats – to us the racing boats just look like medium-sized yachts (although I am sure that to the […]


There has been a lot going on here, some good and some sad and some a mixture of both! For now, let me show you how that green top has been coming along. I finished the body of it last night. Moss stitch hems always seem to suit cotton, I think. Don’t worry about the […]

But wait, there’s more!

I forgot to add these guys in yesterday. I’ve been chipping away at Delphine from French Girl Knits since before Easter. It is a lovely, lovely pattern but very slow going. If it looks tiny to you, it sort of is. The lace pattern stretches out a million miles so I figure this will be […]

Hello, mojo

My knitting fizzled out there for a few weeks because… I suppose, the well of inspiration was running a little dry. Nothing like a really good colour to get things going again! This green in the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece that came in just after I got back from Sligo really got me thinking. It […]