March 19, 2009

The knitting

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…well, yes. Things have been a bit hectic around here. I’ve been doing a lot more playing than I was and have been trying to get applications together (nearly there on that one and I’ll be glad to see the back of them!). I’m not really sure where the last six weeks have gone to. All that I know is that my knitting hasn’t progressed very much since I last checked in.

I was doing pretty well with my Bleeding Hearts Stole. I had about six inches done before I realised that I had made a series of errors, the detriment of which had been compounded by the fact that I kept on knitting obliviously. I spent an hour and a half tinking back and trying to find out where I had gone wrong. I had to admit defeat and in utter exasperation, took a scissors to it and threw it in the bin.

Retrieved from the bin for your viewing pleasure…

I finished the body and both sleeves of this guy – the thermal undertop from Classic Style. I joined them all up for the yoke and was about halfway through my saddle shoulder shaping when I realised that I had joined one of the sleeves incorrectly and had to rip it out. That happened yesterday. I got re-established properly and knit a few rounds – I’m going to tackle this one again today and try and get back to where I was, at least.

But I suppose there are days when you have to admit that knitting that requires concentration, even just the tiniest bit, is too much. For those days I present to you…

The garter stitch scarf!

I couldn’t take it any more. I pulled out an old pair of fun, short, plastic Crystal Palace straight needles I’ve had in my drawer for years and a ball of marmalade coloured Kid Mohair, coincidentally also from Crystal Palace, that I picked up in the Crafter’s Basket in Sligo. If I remember correctly, Alb and I drove down in the Spring time, took a long, long walk on the beach and retreated for tea when the rain came in. We even talked about taking a day trip out to the little island to take photos of the deserted monastery there. It was very comforting to cast on 20 stitches and think about it, especially when there is no prospect of sneaking off for a long walk on the beach in my near future!


Spring has sprung!

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Last weekend, it was really sunny out so Alb and I went for a wander in the Botanic Gardens.