October 9, 2008

Swatches and things

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I had some ideas but before any could progress, swatches had to be made. I am starting to veer into more adventurous territory so my swatches have become quite large and consequently, quite time consuming to knit.

The top one is for what will hopefully be a quick, snuggly knit – Juliaca from the first Mirasol book (here for Ravelry details). Supreme knitter, Mary L, knitted one for the shop about a year ago and I’ve been lusting after it ever since. The other two are just thoughts.

There has been a lot of to-ing and fro-ing for choir business but I did find the time to cast on for another pair of mittens.

These will probably be a Christmas present for somebody because my snail mittens come off on pain of death – perhaps not even then. The pattern is NHM #3 from the book, Selbuvotter. Alb got it for me last Christmas. It’s not every boyfriend that will buy you a biography about the iconic black and white Norwegian mitten tradition. I cannot knit in black and white without feeling like a negative so I went for the white and green. Wait until you see the main pattern for the hand!

I’m working for late opening tonight so I got some spinning going this morning. Thus far, my spinning looks more like a sound wave than a strand of yarn but I’m getting a big kick out of it. It will probably settle down when I get more practice at it.

This is some brown sheep that I bought from Craftspun at last year’s Knitting and Stitching Show. My plan is to spin some up in a similar weight to this and knit a colourwork hat out of it. Wouldn’t that be fun? It will probably be the lumpiest, hairiest, scratchiest hat in existence but come hell or high water, it’s going on my head.


October 2, 2008

The Wheel

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I have been thinking about getting a spinning wheel for about a year now. I read all about the different kinds and thought long and hard about what kind would suit my needs and my budget. When I went to the US during the summer, I planned to buy one while I was there but decided to wait a little longer. I got really into drop spindling when I got back and then really regretted not getting it while I had the chance! I enjoy drop spindling but it is very slow. So, I took the plunge and my Joy double treadle arrived on Tuesday.

This is a joint effort between Elana, Lisa and I. I assembled it in the shop and after some trial and error (mostly error), we got it going yesterday afternoon. Three words for you: Too. Much. Fun! I spun another bobbin this morning and plied it all together. There is a lot of thick and thin in the first bobbin but the second was much more consistent. The roving is light Coopworth and was the very first roving I ever received.

In other news, Clare very kindly gave me a set of beautiful sock needles and pattern she got as part of the Sock Club she’s participating in. Everybody else seems to prefer Magic Loop for socks but to you guys I say, look what you’re missing!

The yarn is Austermann Steps which has aloe vera and jojoba oil spun into it, no less. It is heavenly to knit with. Thanks again, Clare! I love!