Lots of work…. sort of…

Yesterday, the Knitting and Stitching Show kicked off at the RDS here in Dublin. Today was my first day working at the shop stand. We were really lucky to have Louisa Harding (designer extraordinaire) accompany us on the stand all day. She gave a seminar in the morning where she talked about how she got […]

“By a lonely yarn shop wall…

…I heard a blue yarn calllllling me… Aileen, won’t you take me away? I finished Swallowtail going down on the train on Wednesday and got it all blocked out yesterday. I was nearly late for work, but it was worth the rush! There have been many blue yarns calling my name recently. Bloom from Rowan […]

Things are really moving along, aren’t they? It’ll be Hallowe’en soon. I used to associate the passage time with the impending horror of exams but, even though I’ve been finished college two years now, this is the first year I feel properly free from that awful constricting feeling you get in your chest. It makes […]

Recovery and Progress

I spent today getting over a combination of a small infection and a coeliac reaction. Yay! There wasn’t even any knitting but luckily, there was yesterday and I have some things to show. The yarn is a beautiful 100% silk from Claudia Hand Painted Yarns that I picked up at KnitKnack in New Jersey during […]

Fresh new hookers

I taught a beginner’s crochet class today at This is Knit. We have been inundated for requests for crochet classes so this was actually an extra one that we scheduled into an unexpected space. My beginners got on great! We worked through a sampler of all the basic stitches, from single to triple, then on […]