On the road again

I did say I was going to Thailand but we’re stopping off in a place or two along the way. Amsterdam’s our first stop and I thought it hilarious that the first thing I saw were these: …because I know a lot of knitters are headed to the Electric Picnic this weekend. There was even […]

Exciting times

My hands are now besnailed. I am particularly fond of the palms and thumbs. Last night I got stuck into finishing up what is now my favourite garment of all time! The pattern shall be forthcoming very, very soon and I’m looking forward to sharing lots more photos! Now, if you heard Lisa on RTÉ […]

Escargots et éléphants

I had snails in Paris once. I was about thirteen at the time and I recall so vividly how they were served in a miniature ceramic bun tray with a two-pronged fork. They reeked of garlic and their texture was that of a large, chewy mushroom. My dad kept bumping the table and saying, look! […]

Snails, elephants and welts.

There have been a LOT of fibre related activities going on recently. Here’s some of what I spun yesterday and finished off plying today. On the left is some brown fluffy stuff I got from Craftspun at the last Knitting and Stitching Show and on the right is some of the light coopworth I brought […]

I’m… spinning around….

Today, I took my first class at This is Knit in spinning! I have dabbled previously and have mysteriously acquired a delicious selection of roving (I think that fibre stash is even more dangerous than yarn stash on the basis that it grows more yarn…), but never had any proper instruction. The class was given […]