Veni, Vidi, Beani

We came. We saw. Note: one of the bags of yarn We beaned. Heidi, thanks for showing me such a great time! I had a hard time trying to decide whether to pack you or the yarn in my case.

Gusty Metropolis

…also known as the Windy City. I’m visiting Heidi this weekend and let me tell you, it is great to see her again! Today while she was at work I decided to acquaint myself with the city. I went to the Art Institute which, despite being a fabulous building, was disappointing overall. They are doing […]

Goodbye, Vermont

Goodbye to the horse that decided to take me on a gallop down a rocky hill. Goodbye to the funny general store down the road that sells not only the advertised but groceries, the paper, handy pocket compases, crocs, sport axes and doe urine. Goodbye to sitting out on the deck watching fireflies and bats. […]

We all scream for ice-cream!

Yesterday was the day for local sights. We visited the Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream factory outside Burlington. They take their quality control very seriously. You never know when ice cream is going to jump out of the bowl and hit you in the eye. Do you think this is more for the visitors’ peace of […]

“Live free or die”

Inspiring motto, no? We passed through New Hampshire on our way here but the sign passed by too quickly to get a photo. Obviously, NH takes its freedom very seriously. The house where we are staying is the kind that has old skis on the wall. There is a big stone fireplace, squishy couches, yellow […]