June 6, 2008


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I have finished the sleeves for this guy…

…and almost finished one for this guy…

Thank goodness I stuck with the sleeve for this last night at Knit Night because otherwise I would still have four repeats of every 18th row to go. Now, I only have about two which is slightly more bearable.

I was very diligent yesterday and started sewing up my grey cardigan. I have the hems for the sleeves sewn down and all that remains is the hem of the body, the steeks themselves and the button bands. I really should just sit down this evening and get it done.

Ever since TIK got in Brown Sheep’s Lamb’s Pride, my resistance has been failing rapidly. Last night, I was in desperate need of some fun knitting (sleeves really are not fun knitting… you know how it is).

A hat!


Hands Up – Free Pattern

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Free pattern available here!


June 3, 2008

Design Classes for June

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I will be teaching design classes at This is Knit again this month. They will run on Wednesday evenings starting tomorrow!

The first class, as before, will be to provide help for a first sweater or for anyone who finds reading knitting patterns confusing. It will run 6:30 – 7:45pm.

The second class will walk you through designing your own sweater and will run from 7:45 – 9pm.

This will be my third time running these classes and I have to say, they’re always great fun and a great way to meet other knitters and catch up on all the news!


Moving swiftly on

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My tales of examining really evoked a reaction amongst you all! The actual work wasn’t so bad – but working 18 days in a row was. Don’t think I’ll be doing that again. But hey, look! I’ve got knitting to show.

Here are the socks I finished up about ten days ago. I didn’t have a darning needle to finish the second toe so I did that last night.

I had half a ball of the Noro Kureyon Sock left over so when I broke my other needles and had tangled up my other yarn too badly to knit with it, I decided to knit myself a pair of handwarmers. After a false start, these knit up intuitively and quickly: they only took two days, on and off. I really like them!

I’m going to stick up a free pattern for them soon because they’re really easy and perfect for using up ends of sock yarn (or just sock yarn if you don’t like knitting socks… unthinkable, but it must happen somewhere).

I eventually untangled my silk and knitted most of a sleeve yesterday. I’m not tiring of knitting with 100% silk any time soon…

I have the body of this done and just have the other sleeve to do before I can launch myself on the lace yoke. Can’t wait!

Speaking of sleeves, I got stuck into the first sleeve of the Tangled Yoke cardigan today.

I am technically on summer holidays, although doing a little bit of work, and all I can say is that I am glad. I need to recharge my batteries and warm up my needles again.