Getting there

Last night, I went to see Happy Go Lucky, Mike Leigh’s new movie. It was excellent and not nearly as sombre as his other movies. If you have never seen a Mike Leigh movie, I recommend you check him out. He does plain, good cinema. Nothing fancy, just good script and good acting. The exams […]

Today, a girl burst into tears so suddenly and so violently my sight reading got wet. The tears literally squirted out of her eyes. Yesterday, another girl’s father came in to warn me that his daughter was going to cry. His certainty made me a little wary but sure enough, she entered howling and exited […]

Ich fuhle mich nicht wohl.

I don’t feel very well. One row from completing the body of my Tangled Yoke cardigan, I managed to stand on one of my needles and break it in half. Words defy me although ‘another blow to my sanity’ comes close. 12 down, 6 days and 147 exams to go. I have started dreaming of […]

It’s spidertime!

I have had many encounters with spiders recently. I am as much of a fan of multiple legs running across my skin as the next person but I go out of my way to keep spiders alive. Creepy though they may be, they are very useful around the house. The evening before I left for […]

There’s really life outside work on your planet?

I have been travelling for work. I am on day 9 of 18 consecutive days’ work… but who’s counting? I work periodically as a music examiner. This is the first time I have travelled for work and it’s been pretty interesting. I’ve seen nervous kids, happy kids, sad kids, worried kids, scared kids, ADD kids, […]