What is this ‘day off’ you speak of?

It is really nice to have a day off to drink tea and watch Spring unfold in the micro-microcosm that is the back garden. I didn’t realise until just now that I haven’t had a day off to myself (where I didn’t have to get dressed and do things) since St Patrick’s Day. Last Sunday, […]


The birds seem to think it’s Spring, even if I don’t. When birds hatch out of their eggs, the adult birds fly off with the broken shells and drop them far away from the nest. This is so that predators on the ground (like cats) won’t know they have hatched. It is very common to […]


Sundays are for catching up on knitting and for watching documentaries about octopuses. I could knit four sweaters at a time if I were an octopus. I’m just saying. The grey cardigan has been steeked! I have cut it (properly, this time) but still haven’t gotten around to picking up stitches for the button band. […]

Upcoming design classes

I cannot begin to describe how busy I am these days. I am so busy that I haven’t even had much time to knit (yeah, that busy). Anyway, here’s something for you to think about. I am re-running the design classes at This is Knit from April 23rd to May 14th (Wednesday evenings). The first […]

If I were Jack Black…

I had occasion to take the 83 from Rathmines across town yesterday afternoon. I sat in front of an elderly couple who didn’t say anything until we were on Camden Street upon which point the elderly lady said: ‘You know that Britney Spears wan, right? You know that big house she’s bought for millions? Yea, […]