March 13, 2008

Hooked on a feeling

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An irrepressible urge to crochet has struck me.

Cupcake top from The Happy Hooker in Tivoli Cruise aran cotton and a 6mm hook. It’s a pretty little top with scalloped hems and sleeves that I think will be useful for layering in the Spring (if it ever decides to come). I have another project earmarked from the same book – the Violet Beauregard skirt. I just love crocheted skirts!


March 11, 2008

Blame it on Brittany

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Thank you to everyone for all your lovely comments on my Central Park Hoodie! It says hello and feels very loved.

I’m not quite sure how these socks came about so I’m going to blame it on the Brittany DPNs that I picked up at This is Knit on Friday. They just got in some funky new sock yarn, too, so I decided to test drive them both! I started this on Sunday afternoon on the way to Fanore.

Trekking XXL and Brittany 2.5mm dpns

I have tried a lot of bamboo double pointed needles – Addi, Clover, Lantern Moon and Pony – so I feel secure in asserting that the Brittany are definitely my favourite. They have just the right amount of grip, they are the perfect length (for me that is, they’re actually pretty stubby compared to some others), and they are pretty blunt. Probably not the best choice if you want to do a pair of mad intricate lace socks, but wonderful for mindless stockinette.

I was turning the heel on the sock above whilst watching Alb and his brother play old Sega games on their Wii. Their granny has come up to visit this week and was sitting with us. I showed her my turned heel and she asked me, did you knit a double heel? Apparently, a double heel is two heel flaps knitted together for extra reinforcement. I’d never heard of it but I like the sound of it! Anyone else hear of this?

I figured I should finish off the Mirasol socks before I ended up with two lone, unmatching socks.

The yarn is Mirasol Hacho. It’s a 4-ply and I suppose technically not a sock yarn, but it worked out well for me. It’s a fair bit denser than Opal or Trekking; in that sense it is more similar to Colinette’s Jitterbug. I used one skein per sock with just a few bits left over, so if you like long socks, have big feet, or three feet, you’ll need three skeins.


March 9, 2008

FO – Central Park Hoodie

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It’s done! It’s finished!

Pattern: Central Park Hoodie, from Knitscene magazine, Autumn 2006.

Needles: 4.5mm Addi Turbos for the whole thing.

Yarn: Yummy Manos del Uruguay 100% wool (‘Wool Clasica’).

There’s a whale, there’s a whale, there’s a whalefish!


….and Back.

More Back…

No! I won’t face into the wind!

Hood in action against invisible flying icicles coming off Atlantic ocean which only melted yesterday

Set in sleeve

It is FREEZING! Can’t you tell?!

This afternoon, we braved Fanore beach. By ‘braved’ I mean sprinted through a mile of soft sand in pelting rain, sleet, hailstones in force 1,000,000 wind, much to the amusement of all the other feckers nice people sitting in their cars. Then, when we were sufficiently drenched, the sun came out. All smiles in above shoot are completely fake, I assure you. But… I was very snug from neck to waist in my hoodie. Which, on a day like today, is really saying something. I’m never taking it off.

My thanks to Alb for the great photos and for freezing his mitts off for me.


March 6, 2008


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I haven’t been able to work on anything else for the last few days. I haven’t even been able to think about working on anything else. I finished the back, started on the hood and made powerful progress during our Tuesday evening classes… a little too powerful though, because I mis-crossed a cable on the side of the hood in a very exposed area. So yesterday morning, I got to it.


I dropped down about 30 rows to where I had mis-crossed the cable. Then I used a crochet hook to re-cross the cable properly and hook my stitches back up to where I was.


I realise it sounds horribly complicated but it is really quite straight forward and is much, much easier than ripping the whole lot out. I am really happy with the way the hood turned out. It looks a little pointy here but that’s because I want to show you the hood shaping and the way the cable peters out. I’m going to steam it out into a nice roundy hood later!

Too much elf input perhaps?

The pattern doesn’t say you should carry the cable up the back of the hood, but I think it looks nice, don’t you? I also didn’t see any sense in casting off the two sides of the hood and then sewing them together – I grafted them instead.

I spent yesterday evening setting the sleeves in which led me to a slight problem… the sleeves are really tight. It’s a struggle to get them on. It is a bit of a mystery because the rest of it fits fine. Laura and Heidi assured me that they’ll stretch out and that the upper sleeves looked fine. Good to have voices of reason around, eh? I was considering ripping out the sleeves and re-knitting them really quickly on bigger needles. Anyway, they’re both set in now and it was worth the effort. All that remains is to knit on the button bands and get some buttons! I saw some great buttons in This is Knit but you’re going to have to wait and see what they look like!

I did a little submission work. I suppose I’d prefer to be doing a little more and working on some other ideas but I’m really going to have to get that red monster out of my system first.

It will be pretty, though, honest.


March 1, 2008

My thanks to Tony Soprano

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Here is a sleeve. I don’t like sleeves for two reasons. One, they always take more yarn than you expect them to, and two, it is even more knitting than usual due to my orangutan arms. I joke thee not. For a snug sweater, I require a 20″ sleeve.

After a long day swinging through the trees, the sleeve rests upon a chair

Anyway, yesterday I came home, burnt myself an omelette and stuck on some Sopranos. I have been slowly working my way through the entire story and just started the third series – Pussy’s sleeping with the fishes and Tony’s mother died, saving him the headache of her testifying against him in court. If you’re not familiar with the brilliance of the Sopranos, I highly recommend it. It’s a story about the mob in New Jersey. It can be quite violent and vulgar at times, but overall it is very funny, well written, acted and shot. In a way, the combination of excellent writing/acting/photography reminds me of the uber-fantastic Clint Eastwood westerns. So, if you like those, give it a try. A little trivia via Alb… Silvio Dante, Tony’s right hand man? He was Bruce Springsteen’s lead guitarist.

The bottom line? I watched two episodes last night and when I woke up this morning I realised I had knit 19″ of sleeve. My thanks to Tony Soprano! (That, or the elves are back again).

I did some homework too. I need to get stuck into this more but I have been having a hard time visualising summer wear this week.

In other news, the design class I am taking here is going really well. The last few classes have been a little tedious as I have been just taking notes on the bazillion different types of skirt constructions that exist. Taking notes involves drafting out each construction in quarter scale so it can be slow going sometimes. However, my last class was an art class where I had to start drawing out ideas for a skirt that I’d like to make. I am aware of the paucity of my sewing skills so I want to keep it straight forward (unlike a younger student I overheard who has never sewed a thing before and wants to make an assymetrical skirt on the bias with runches, pockets and decorative set-in zips). I’d like to add some ribbon or an embroidered panel maybe. That is about as exotic as I am prepared to get right now. I have some ideas sketched out so when I get them inked out properly, I’ll show them here! The art teacher twisted my arm and made me draw things that I would never wear myself so be prepared for mini-skirts and bubble skirts…