Fall forward

There has been a lot of talk these days about ‘springing forward’. Last week, I became convinced that I had lost one of my Brittany double pointed needles. I had been lugging my sock around with my spectacular pile of music and discovered on Friday morning that I was missing one. It cut me up, […]

Sleeves! Sleeves! Who will buy my wonderful sleeves?

I have been wondering if my sleeve woes are connected somehow to the vernal equinox. Each sleeve I knit got progressively worse the closer we came to the equinox. Once it passed, each sleeve became progressively better again. I’m going to put it on my list for PhD thesis ideas. Misshapen sleeves, their connection to […]

Back from holiday

Look who’s back! They had a great time in Florida. Sleeve #1 stayed in the shade and lost a little weight. This little number is almost finished. I need to weave in the ends, put a little picot edging on it and block it out. I think I knit the sleeve cap about 6 times […]

‘Witness Protection Programme’

If I were a mob boss, these sleeves would be sleeping with the fishes as I speak. These sleeves are dead to me. Last seen yesterday. Current whereabouts unknown. What do we need arms for anyway? That moment – when some clever monkey decided to come down from the trees, when God had some left-over […]


Everybody gets stuck from time to time. These days, it feels like I am running on the spot. I have been trying to solve some problems (like the sleeve of my Prima top and the hem of my grey cardigan) and trying not to be distracted by newer, shinier projects. The result is that I […]